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Karen Allan
419 Sunridge Street
Playa del Rey, CA 90293
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    Karen Kay Allan



    Objective:  My goal is to apply my professional and computer skills with a secure company.


    Employment Experience:


    10/06 – 1/07      Administrative Assistant, Bedrock Consulting, LLC


    Exported Filemaker 6.0 files into database, which involved creating individual files, then adding files into master database.  Input and maintained contact information of construction contractors.  Contacted contractors to have them e-mail or fax bid proposals for upcoming construction projects.  Typed company manuals, copied blueprint plans, distributed mail, and answered phones.  Letter of recommendation furnished upon request.


    2/05 – 5/06        Marketing Specialist, A.T.E. Solutions, Inc.


    Contacted companies for contact name, title and correct e-mail address for test vendor listings.  Submitted for approval to President.  Contacted test vendors to interest them in purchase of embedded image ads for their test vendor and product and services listings.  Walked them through process of uploading images.  Contacted test vendors regarding writing test vendor articles for upcoming newsletters.  Attended test and measurement exhibits with President.  Created Powerpoint presentations for courses.  Answered phones and filed.


    3/98 – 12/04      Data Entry Specialist, International Vacation Homes


    Processed timeshare and vacation home contact sheets for potential clients, which included entering client, property, and contract information, printing and signing letters and contracts, and assembling packages for mailing via Express Mail.  Copied and distributed to account executives at end of day.  Relieved receptionist.


    9/91 – 12/97      Administrative Assistant, RRP Management Corporation


    Created and modified amendments, leases, listing agreements, and weekly status reports.  Monitored expiration dates of listed properties, and broker/tenant contacts for non-sold properties.  Verified outgoing checks with pre-check registers.  Delivered blueprints for copying.  Assisted in travel to/from airport.   Relieved receptionist.


    1/88 – 6/91        Administrative Assistant, The Rand Corporation


    Transcribed and processed dictated recordings of semi-annual board meeting tapes.  Created mass mailing labels for publication mailings.  Maintained database of VIP clients.  Processed publication requests, working drafts, and working notes.  Handled travel arrangements and answered phones.


    6/86 – 1/87        Executive Assistant, National Solid Wastes Management Association


    Transcribed and processed dictated recordings of letters, meeting notes, memos, and minutes.  Took shorthand for letters.  Set up conference room for meetings.  Assisted in bulletin mailings with other secretaries.  Handled travel arrangements and answered phones.


    3/80 – 5/86        Word Processing Specialist, Mathtech, Inc.


    Processed Naval documents and weekly status reports.  Maintained classified clearance.  Input fiscal funding information for missile systems in a secure area.  Demonstrated Wordstar at the 1986 FOSE computer exhibit in Washington, D.C.  Relieved receptionist.


    9/74 – 2/80        Medical Transcriptionist, The National Institutes of Health


    Transcribed and processed dictated recordings of annual reports, letters, medical manuscripts and memos.  Arranged for ice-packed hearts to be delivered to clinical labs.  Answered phones.


    Education:  Walter Johnson High School.  Major:  Business Administration.  Graduation year 1974.


    Professional Skills:  Expert in transcribing dictated recordings for the medical industry.  Typing speed of 80 wpm.  Alphanumeric 9,840 kph, numeric 12,444 kph.  Computer skills:  Datamanager, Excel, Filemaker 6.0, Lotus 1-2-3, Outlook Express, Paradox 3, Word, Wordperfect and Wordstar.

    Karen Kay Allan

    Business References



    Mr. Roger Stevenson

    President, Bedrock Consulting, LLC

    6017 Bristol Parkway

    Culver City, CA  90230



    Mr. Louis Ungar

    President, A.T.E. Solutions

    8929 Sepulveda Boulevard, Suite #314

    Los Angeles, CA  90045



    Mr. Stewart Bim-Merle

    Account Executive

    International Vacation Homes

    Los Angeles, CA  90045

    -Company out of business-


    Mr. Michael Craig

    Senior Vice President

    RRP Management Corporation

    Los Angeles, CA  90067

    -Company out of business-


    Dr. Kevin McCarthy

    Director, Institute for Civil Justice

    The Rand Corporation

    1700 Main Street

    Santa Monica, CA  90407-2138

    310-393-0411, ext. 6919


    Mr. William Bertera

    Director, Government Affairs Program

    National Solid Wastes Management Association

    Washington, DC  20007



    Dr. Eliot Feldman

    Director, Defense Studies Department

    Mathtech, Inc.

    Falls Church, VA  22042



    Dr. William Roberts

    Director, NIAID

    The National Institutes of Health

    Bethesda, MD  20817



    Playa del Rey Medical Transcription Job

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